Spiritual Machines


Churches are one of the few quite quiet spaces left.
Churches are no longer quiet spaces at all.
Even the church is online.
The candles are humming with electricity.

Now that all of our minds are hooked up, our brains are running out of time.
Pretty soon humans are going to be entirely inadequate in sorting out this mess.
We’ll let the machines do the talking.

They can data mine the day away, and us piles of skin and bones will huddle in the streets. We’ll still touch each other for comfort, but there won’t be much to say.
We’ll probably just want to pray.

Pray to a universal mind that we no longer have the power to contribute to or communicate with. The infrastructure starts to blur and crumble.
There is an information freeze, and it is snowing all around us.
Let’s light a candle for humanity.
Maybe one day, they’ll remember us and smile.

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