Art Needs Cashfolks

1. Cashfolks is about art and economics. Today art is free and art is everywhere, just like the damn artists have wanted it all along. Now we have all got a find a way to get paid.

2. Creating a false scarcity of infinitely reproducible digital texts is so stupid. Instead,we should view all art as positive externalities. Like the air(waves) that no one owns. We want to keep our hard-won content pipes clean and open.

3. I am an artist and I am a beggar or a busker or whatever you prefer. I am not ashamed.

4. It is a strange transaction that we are carrying out. I am not asking you to pay for my art, or to compensate me for the time that it took to create. Not because getting paid for art is selling out, but because basically you can cut and paste a little piece of me into your heart and than e-vomit it to all of your friends.

5. Instead.

6. Let’s try this. I make some ideas and throw them into the wind. Instead of the carcinogenic air particles that usually accompany your bored, cramped, solitary commute to work place, you get a whiff of my stuff. Its like that cool scraggly old hippy guy who plays guitar on the hill when there is a full moon and everyone smiles and throws him some quarters. Except that my hat is on the ground.

7. Let’s join together and make my dream come true!

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