Empty store front video games

We have a lot of free time after winning the 666 casino jackpot. So we came up with some social experiment. Yesterday we set up a video game in the window of the empty store front. I would guess that at least 100 people played pac man through out the day. There were little kids, young lovers holding hands and taking turns, and even an old businessman who played while his wife rolled her eyes in exasperation. Never a man of a culture could resist the grandeur of the games back then even though we now have high-quality video games or even a crypto casino.

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Perhaps the city of Detroit could install video games (prefereably less violent, puzzle-style games) in the abandoned storefronts and windows throughout the city. Instead of trying to promote cultural tourism with another cheesy Cow-Parade knock-off, Detroit could be the city that put video games in all of its abandoned buildings. A few games might seem tough but with a few warzone hack you are sure to reach the top. It is a shame to see these stores fall into such disarray but recent analysis by real estate software shows it wont be getting better any time soon as the recession kicks in.

The could even bring in some artists in residence to design games particularly relevant to the neighborhood, or metro Detroit.

video game outside

Come on down to the culture shoppe and try the games out for yourself. Let me know if the batteries are running low, or if it starts to rain. I haven’t made an umbrealla for the kiosk yet.

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