PBL Solaris mix

Potter Belmar presented one of their new mixes: A feature length remix of Solaris. The show was called Tent of Thee Summer Solstice, because they set up and performed inside of the Media tent in the gallery. This nomadic media center has traveled and disseminated information all around Europe, and has stopped in our Mart.


Potter Belmar really filled up the space with three projectors taking advantage of the architectural details, and a fan blowing a metal rack of cut paper, which rustled like New England autumns.


The turnout was great, especaially all the people who just came in off the street.

VJ Audience

Earlier in the day there was a sound sculpture outside by Bubblegone.

alarm clock rock

Of it he wrote:

Snooze Me – Audio Installation

I just uploaded the audio pieces in an audio installation that I made for
the aaSWARMART exhibit the WORK Gallery in Ann Arbor. Morning inspired sounds were thansmitted to 3 clock radios that were displayed on the street in placed on front the gallery. The sounds of mornign alarms, birds, and booty music called out to passers by to ignore the sounds, listen to the sounds, or hit the snooze button…much like most of us do in the morning.

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