Visiting Lecture: University of Oregon

My friend Carl Diehl was nice enough to invite me talk in his intro to digital video class at the University of Oregon.

Engaging the Vlogosphere: Vernacular Video, Video as Research, and Getting Out There

Here are the links to some of stuff I am going to talk about:

Play Gallery

Play Gallery
Play Gallery: Play Cam (Situated Input)

GRL (Video as Research / Dissemination)
Throwies on MAKE (How to)
Throwies (How to / Documentation hybrid)
Light Criticism (How to / Documentation hybrid)
Drive-in GIF Theater(Situated Output)

Institute for Applied Autonomy
Intro Video (adaptive reuse/detournment)

Blue Puddle
BluePuddle 1.0
EnergyMap 1.0
Energy Video

PlugFinder (situated output)
plugfinder noise jam

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