Artists vs. Spooks (Who is Darker?)

ARTISTS: In 2005 some artists made a site where you could bet on where the next ‘”terrorist” attack’ would be. They wrote:

Are you sick of betting only on Nasdaq, on the price of oil, or on football games? How about on where the next terrorist attack is gonna take place?

Here is their map:


Result: They got a little publicity with their sad little absurdist stunt.

SPOOKS: In 2001 Cofer Black was Chief of the Counter Terrorism Center at the CIA. Although he didn’t counter a certain famous act of terrorism that year he did make a boodle of money helping to outsource much of the U.S. military’s work to the private contracter Blackwater USA during the two illegitimate and frighteningly inept wars that followed. Appearantly, that wasn’t fun enough so he joined Total Intelligence Solutions. They write:

Total Intel is about delivering evolved intelligence and security solutions to the world’s most demanding customers.

Here is their map:

Notice that EVERY country is either unchanged or worsening. I guess when you are making money off ‘terrorism’ you wouldn’t really work to hard to make any situation improve.

Result: Almost no one in America knows who Cofer Black is, he has made some serious cheese, and has helped privatize every aspect of American democracy, until you can strangle it in a bathtub. Or a quagmire, as the case may be.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Sorry, art-school-ghoulies and Goth Kids you’re going to have to work a little harder to outdo the spooks. The man’s name is ‘Cofer Black’ for petes sake. That would sound absurd coming out of a hard boiled cold war era sci-fi novel.

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