Mystery is Involving, Information Abundance is Alienating


Today I ate dinner at Julie’s House. She called me up at 4:30 PM and I walked over to her place. On the way to Julie’s house I saw a barber shop, and thought about stopping in, but I was hungry, so I hurried to Julie’s place. The barber shop is the only distinct memory I have of walking from my house to Julie’s house. On the walk there I had been daydreaming and time seemed to move quickly.

After we had eaten a lovely dinner of prawns and veggies on the barbecue, it was time for me to return home. I walked home in the dark. There aren’t very many street lights in the small town where I live. There are no sidewalks either.

At night, it is hard for drivers to see walkers until they are right upon them. That makes me nervous when I am walking at night. Like the drivers of vehicles, I can not see snakes at night. Until I am right up on them. And if you step on a snake, I believe there is a chance they might bite you. On the way back, in the dark, having to watch out for puddles and snakes and drivers, the journey seemed to take hours. Time on the walk back moved very slow. I had to watch every step.

In the dark the street looks different. It is harder to tell what things are. I can’t see or sense the usual landmarks, or even judge if there is a snake under my foot or not. At night, the road is much more mysterious. There is more to figure out. At night the road is much more involving.

During the day time I don’t care about the road so much. I have other things on my mind, so the road that is right in front of me, the road right under my feet, tends to disappear.

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