Precision Parade

If you are lost you can point your LOCATION AWARE device at the sky.

You only need to find THREE Satellites to KNOW YOUR PLACE.

Using satellites makes it very easy to GET PEOPLE TO MOVE.

Satellite technology means many people can be QUICKLY DIRECTED FROM HERE TO THERE.

Coordination of the flow of masses can happen at the CLICK OF A BUTTON.

Just download the parade route and MAKE EVERYDAY A PARADE.

You could commute to work behind PEOPLE WITH COLORFUL CARS.

Getting from one place to another could ALWAYS BE A CELEBRATION.

It is almost IMPOSSIBLE TO GET LOST these days.

Even if you want to GET LOST.

Sometimes I think it is sad that the JOURNEY IS NOT A MYSTERY.

There is not one bit of earth on this planet that can escape A SET OF NUMBERS.

The deepest ocean floors have A SET OF NUMBERS.

The highest mountain tops were NUMBERED LONG AGO.