NYC Pizza Expert

From 2001 – 2005 I was in a rock and roll band called Hijack Jupiter with Scott Wiener. (He now has a really amazing indie rock band called the Bikini Carwash Company. BCC for those in the know.)


Scott’s the one on far left.

Eating well while touring in a big white van named “Sprinkles” and getting paid mostly in free beer is quite a challenge as you can imagine. I could tell you about how I got laughed at in Atlanta for asking for a vegetarian meal at BBQ place, or how I was served cheese steak with whiz and mushrooms and meat at Jim’s in Philly even though I asked for no meat, but our band’s true passion, with Scott’s encouragement became sampling Pizza in every city we visited.

I was amazed by how many meals in a row Scott could happily eat only Pizza. At one count I saw him eat only pizza for nine meals in a row. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, a snack at the bar, or after the show. At times I thought the pizza obsession was some kind of strange act or put on, in the way that I was “obsessed” with collecting obscure Jim O’Rourke albums while on tour. But now I realize that Scott is the most serious pizza psychogeographer in the world:


Scott is making his pizza eating passion to the people. He is now an official tour guide in New York City and is offering walking and bus tours of NYC pizza outlets.

His tour sounds like an amazing way to get to know the history, sights, smells, and tastes of the city with pizza as the vehicle. I am very impressed that each bus tour is different, drawing from a database of pizza places. Scott has created a nice little random walk generator. I hope everyone takes this tour in NYC. I will most definitely be on a tour sometime in June or July.

Sign up at his site: Scott’s Pizza Tours.

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