Satellites Are Culture Sperm


Maybe “Culture Sperm” is just a crude way of describing “Temes“. (Self replicating technologies, that have variability which face a selection mechanism).

If I understand Susan Blackmore correctly, she posits that Temes are self-replicating technology that use humans: “the genes with the memes” as hosts. Fair enough. Satellites, are for the moment only metaphorical ‘temes’. But, simple robots that were designed to replicate (with variation) on the moon (let’s say, in order to mine the moon for energy) or even some synth bio bots let out into the open seem to fit the bill.

Also, on a related note: I have a big imagination an open mind and adventurous spirit, but doesn’t it seem like we might want to get our own planet’s non-renewables in order before we start mining non-terrestrial non-renewable resources?

With all the insane (but rather likely given our inability to address global warming in any meaningful way thus far) geo-engineering proposals out there, one would think that techno-utopianists would at least leave the moon alone.

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