The Slowest Advertising

An email I got this week:

Subject: surprise in Paramaribo, Suriname….
Date: December 3, 2008 6:12:43 PM GMT+05:30

Dear Zack,

being in Surinam I was intrigued by the beautiful funny hilarious advertisements painted on walls all over town. I decided to look up a webadress in one of them, i send you the picture, and surprise surprise, I stumbled upon your website, not exactly what i expected! Enjoy, with kind regards,

Egmond Petzoldt

I created this artvertisement back in 2005. This is the first response to my advert that I have received through the email. The project is called The Portrait of the Artist as a Transnational Corporation because it involved the first bribebaksheesh” I ever had to pay while working internationally as an artist.

That first bribe, like a first kiss was the best, really. One senator and his crony in a back alley in blindingly bright equatorial sunlight. He wanted more than I initially gave him for the “special” “rental fee”, but luckily I was nearly broke. Since I am living in India now, the novelty of bribe paying has sort of worn off. 🙁

Egmond has said he will be posting some images of the other hand painted advertising, which I will link to once I receive the link which can be found here.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the images I took back in 2005:

If you want to see larger images of these hand-painted signs you can visit my oringal post from 2005 here. (Photos in conjunction with Brent Fogt).

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