Day 1 At Drishya

For the next two weeks I am spending my days working at a school in an informal settlement in Bangalore called Drishya Kalika Kendra.

My collaborators are Jay Silver from MIT Media Lab and Uday from Drishya school. Over the two weeks we are teaching 14 young people (12-16) to tell stories through maps, animations and interactive media.

On the first day we wanted to start to imagine the relationships between humans, non-humans and the environment that all are situated in.

First we did an exercise where we measured the class using elements of our bodies such as wingspan, hands and feet.

Jay and I were surprised to find that in our class one student’s wingspan was about the same as 10 palms. Base 10. Perfect! Is this a common / well known proportion? (Teachers always learn more than students 😉

Next we used these measurements to draw plan and elevation views of the room we were in on the chalkboard.

Finally, we constructed paper models of the room.

This session helped us position our bodies in relationship to the proportion of the classroom, and to start to understand how to define inside / outside space and massing. (Which will help us in later GoogleSketchUp components of the class). Some students got really excited about this project and started adding tons of details to their paper models, such switch boxes, fans and then adding other rooms.

Next we sent students outside of the classroom with Cell Phone cameras donated from Nokia, and asked them to find images in living things in their environment.

This real-time Urban Ecology study was a great success. Students had fun taking photographs, and explaining why they chose them, and we took geocordinates using a GPS unit at each of the sites they identified as important. These images and geodata will come in handy tomorrow when the students will create small plays based on these living non-human actors and start to create a community map.

Finally we spent the afternoon doing a small GeoCache.

((Note: All Drishya photographs mostly by Jay, with some support from Zack and Uday.))

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