Day 2: Performing Network Flows

Every morning starts with the creating of a Mandala by the students and yoga session. Both activities require concentration and promote relaxation, which I think one of the reasons the students are so focused and ready to learn as the class starts. Today’s mandala was especially beautiful.

Day 2 things really started to take off in terms of making and story telling. Uday had created a hand-drawn map of the neighborhood with students in a previous course, which we enlarged using an overhead projector and markers.

In the afternoon we did Charettes based on random pairings of characters such as: Mosquito vs. Mango Tree and Dog vs. Cow.

It was a lot of fun for the teachers and students to get in character and bark, whimper and sting. It was especially revealing to me to watch Coconut Tree vs. Oxygen & Water. The tree grew from a small sapling, its branches spread out, and the water effected it less.

However the oxygen (here personified as wind) seemed to shake the supple Coconut trunk in the wind. Eventually the tree fell and the water and oxygen hovered over it, mourning its passing.

We concluded the afternoon by creating new props and characters for our map based on the days stories.

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