The GIF Economy

polterzietgiest2As 2009 expires, Weird Fiction exhumes a curious collection of GIF animation, curating items conjured up from a year’s worth of trolling in the deep dark dungeons of the internets.

This alongside an emergent compendium of collateral texts, GIF speciation theories and other missives propagated by the (((WFT))) policy institute; who, in an effort to advance their own “ficto-quizzical” mythologies, will facilitate the hoarding of materials on a dedicated electronic storehouse (

At once an instantiation of the “gift economy” and a call to action within the economy of expression roused by the humble parameters of the Graphic Interchange Format. (in)Appropriated material, both solicited and scavenged, will be intermingled within this labyrinthine technocultural milieu.

Denizens of the World Wide Web are implored to reanimate dead media and revive retrograde knowledge structures; deploying anomalous information and thereby accelerating GIF speciation. The GIF is your passport to the immortal realms of mythology mash-ups and off-modern memes. Remember: overexposure to cine-molecular glitch scapes (GIF animations and their kin) may lead to as of yet unknown climes of panopticonscious surrender.

Starting today through December 18th–Send your GIFs to: To be deployed live starting December 3rd online and at on site at Tractor gallery in Portland

the following Memetic prompts and file name suggestions culled from existing Weird Fiction mythos, may be used to guide your GIF speciation efforts:

#CINE-MOLECULE: microscopic mental vampires weaponizing space/time in a kinesthetic battle for hearts and minds.

#DERELICT THEORY OBJECTS: artifacts so murky & feedback singed that even the solipsistic world of contemporary art can’t make sense of them.

#FICTO-QUIZZICAL: non-euclidean narratives contingent on unforeseen “Z points.” fickle phenomena requiring attention to new signals in noise.

#GLITCHCRAFT: The art of the creative short circuit. Vessels for exploring new worlds. A proto-theory object with trails of attention.

#LORKURERS: cool hunting zombies sift through the foul stench of info-detritus seeking fresh brain matter for their Voodoo Economic masters.

#MAJESTIC 12: was the birth of the transistor just months after the Roswell crash an utterly cosmic conspiring?

#OBLITERATI: You can never make enough money to disappear! These data bodies are off the grid, staying anonymous while outing everyone else.

#OBLITERATARIUM: a stronghold of grey market R&D, a nexus perplexus, a theory object with a death wish.

#POLTERZEIRGEIST: A scary spirit of the times. The feeling of hovering inches off the ground, escape velocity threatening to fire you away.

#PANOPTICONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR: an interloper of and within vernacular information architectures.

#SECOND-WAVE VAMPLING: shifts from grave-robbing to mind-jacking, snatching images from the future, straight from the multitasking mind.

Additional prompts will be transmitted to the fleshy minds of mammals by way of