How To Get To Work?

Today was my first day of work at CSTEP. The entrance to CSTEP is located right before Infrantry Road goes into one way mode.

I have been to the building a handful of times before. In previous journeys I have walked, taken an auto and gotten dropped off by Taxi on previous visits. Even though the building is on a T-Junction that leads to a 1-way street I seemed to have arrived on a radically different path every-time.

I have lived in Bangalore on and off for 4+ years and am still developing a mental model of the city. In part, I have grown up navigating the “rational” grid system found in American cities such as Manhattan, Portland OR. I have also lived in Hong Kong, and although I never quite figured out the street plan my primary means of transportation was the MTR and bus system which was very clearly signed and mapped even so even a foreigner like me, with no Chinese language ability could easily move around.

Now I need to figure out my daily commute to CSTEP. I do not own a car, and ideally I would like to avoid having to take an auto to work everyday. My main concerns for getting to work are safety (not getting hit while crossing streets), health (avoiding peak pollution) and sanity (minimizing time spent in traffic jams / listening to honking). What are my options?:

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WALKING: I have done the walk from Home to CSTEP before. The positives are that I get a little exercise before I arrive at work, and the distance I have to cover is actually much shorter than motorized transport because I can avoid many of the one ways and roundabouts that make the driving trip so long.

The negatives are that the walk is along some very busy car streets, the pavements are not comfortable for walking forcing most pedestrians onto the streets themselves sharing space with motor traffic. This causes the walk to feel claustrophobic and forces me to be very close to the fumes from the motor vehicles. In particular, the section where Jaymahal Road meets Miller road is extremely dangerous for pedestrians, are there are no pavements or provisions for non-motorized traffic.

BUS: I have no idea where a bus leaves from or how I would even find out what bus routes are available. If I find this out I will give an update.

AUTO: This is a fast way to get to work, although the location covered is greater than walking because of the one way streets which have to be avoided. Although is cost is not great (30 – 50 rs. depending on route) it is still more expensive than Bus. A major negative is that taking the auto to work puts me in the center of traffic pollution. The cost is not a major disincentive for me to use Auto’s. Regardless, I am primed to use the bus, but I can not figure out easily if there is a route, before I can even determine if it would be convenient.

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