Ring Roads as Beasts to Be Conquered

This week I am doing some research on transportation and pedestrian issues in Bangalore. I was reminded of this excellent information diagram created by ThumbProjects last year. (Bangalore is the Dark Purple shape in the center).


(Click for larger version)


In my head Bangalore’s ring road is unfathomably large, like some massive underwater giant squid that everyone knows is dangerous, but that you only experience in a tentacle that occasionally lashes out at you. I have been many parts of it in my year’s in Bangalore, but I have never experienced it all at once.


But if you look at this map, Bangalore’s inner ring road is more of a small dragon, that with the proper tools, policies and infrastructure could be harnessed and ridden to create a beautifully dynamic city rather than a blatantly dangerous one.

Are there other images or maps of Bangalore that help you understand the scale and the flows of the city and put it into perspective?

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