Brinjal (Eggplant) Cooking Contest

Brinjaal 4-Way is a cooking contest to be held at Jaaga to see who can come up with the recipe that uses four varieties of Brinjaal.

This event is a celebration of India’s crop diversity.

We have put out a public challenge for someone in Bangalore to come up with the best recipe possible that uses 4 varieties of Brinjaal. (But any recipes with at least two varieties will be accepted). Contestants can bring their cooked or written recipe. Food will be shared, awards given, and a cookbook will be compiled to be sent out a few days after the event.


A: India recently had a rather public debate about whether a new Genetically Engineered plant technology, BT Brinjal, should be approved for sale and cultivation in India. During the debate the huge diversity of Brinjal varieties grown and sold in India c. 2010 was brought to the foreground.

Dumbfounded by the range of shapes and colors printed in newspapers, on website and on campaign posters and wanting to manifest the possible culinary experiments implied by the images we saw, it seemed that a cooking contest was in order.

Let us celebrate and cement the endless possibility of Brinjal as it exists today. These recipes should use as many varieties of Brinjaal as are available in our rich urban markets. This is an opportunity Taking generation old recipes and making trying out a remix. Or possibly being inspired by pairing new and well known ingredients to create a recipe that tells the story of discovery.


This Jaaga site is located on Rhenius Street, Off Richmond Road, Opposite the Hockey Association Stadium main gate, Shanthinagar.

How to get there:

1. If you are getting here via auto-rickshaw or cab:
The primary landmarks are “Opposite the Hockey Stadium near Richmond Circle in Shanthinagar”
once you get close we’re “8 buildings to the right of the TV9 building, across from the Hockey Association Club main gate on Rhenius Street”

2. If you are driving:
– Get onto Richmond Road, going towards Richmond Circle (it’s a one way road in the right direction)
– Take a left just before Richmond Circle at the Coffee Day (you’ll be turning onto Rhenius St but the sign is hard to see)
– Just go straight and you’ll pass TV9 on your left and the Hockey Stadium on your right.
Jaaga is the weird looking, 3 story building on the left, covered in Japanese ads.

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