Uiowa Graduate Agreement

She said the 5 percent increase means a 3 percent increase in the cost of living and a 2 percent increase. On average, she estimates that a student who teaches a 50% workload earns $18,000 a year and argues that the small wage increases for which they have negotiated in recent years have little effect on the increase in the cost of living. When university assistants are required to travel in connection with their employment, they are reimbursed for their travel and accommodation expenses, which are in accordance with higher education guidelines, as is the case for other higher education faculties and staff. (B) If a graduate of higher education accepts a position within the EU Local 896/COGS, the period during which a higher education graduate holds that position is not counted for any purpose as an unheard of period for the employer. (A) The procedure by which higher education graduates can apply for teaching and scientific assistant positions in the department. Each party designates its own members who cannot exceed seven (7) members. These members have time to be released to attend scheduled meetings. Other parties may agree to present information on the agenda. Included: All graduates and training students currently enrolled with 25 percent (25%) either more appointments (i.e., teaching in a course and/or providing services for at least 10 hours per week) than teaching assistants (FT19), scientific assistants (FR19) or legal assistants (FL19) who provide services to the university in exchange for salary compensation.

Section 1. Check-off. During the duration of this agreement, the employer undertakes to deduct regular unionization costs, on a monthly basis, in the Constitution and by local union laws, the salary of any worker who has approved such a deduction in writing pursuant to the following CHECK OFF AUTHORIZATION license: The Bachelor of Liberal Studies is an option for graduates of Iowa Community Colleges, people who wish to complete the final work in the past at the University of Iowa and others with sufficient credit hours. For more information, see IOWA CITY, the University of Iowa student union on Tuesday rejected a “well-made” contract offer from the Council of Regents, after lawmakers removed the state`s collective collective collective law on collective agreements two weeks ago. You will receive a Hawk-ID and password after we have received your agreement. With the Hawk ID and password, you can access MyUI, the university`s web-based service system. For the purposes of this agreement, all requirements set out in this agreement, which are the subject of written notification to the Union or to a member of staff, may be met by one of the following methods: US mail, delivery service, e-mail, fax or hand delivery. The Bachelor of Applied Studies is for Fachhochschulen graduates with at least three years of professional experience. In addition, complaints about the interpretation, management or application of human rights policy are not subject to the formal appeal procedure in the collective agreement between the parties.

Instead, the parties agree that workers can apply the human rights procedures defined by university policy or provided for by law. Employees of the bargaining unit have the right to be accompanied at any time by a union representative and/or other lawyer of the worker`s choice during informal and formal appeals procedures, including informal and formal anti-retaliation appeal procedures, as well as informal and formal anti-harassment appeal procedures.