Ut System Affiliation Agreements

You view an agreement page that identifies (in alphabetical order) certain types of search, search and service agreements sponsored by UT Arlington, including downloadable and editable templates, with cross-references to UTA Research Administration departments and resources, if you need to contact someone for more information. An international agreement is a binding and legal agreement that formalizes the terms of cooperation between the University of Texas of Dallas (UT Dallas) and its counterpart abroad. International agreements must respect the principles of international partnerships and are generally valid for three or five years. Recommended for the protection of intellectual property rights developed as part of specific research cooperation. The conditions of collaboration allow the participation of students to follow the research in foreign destinations/institutions, especially in those destinations/institutions with which UT Dallas has no affiliation. Note: The model can be obtained on request from the Research Office. The review and approval of these conditions of cooperation are subject to the guidelines of the Research Office. Some specialized research agreements may be used from time to time, in which the UTA faculty assumes the responsibility of students to acquire, with an industrial sponsor, study and/or work experience related to studies. See below the category “Student Contracts.” Student exchange agreements allow students to strengthen language and intercultural skills while pursuing international university credits. Agreements relating to the student exchange program must follow the following guidelines: 5.1 Subject of a letter of membership or training. A letter of membership or training can be used for short-term internships. The use of membership or training letters is only appropriate in the following situations, without further verification: the purpose of this directive is to answer questions about membership of external bodies or bodies and to explain the acceleration of the implementation of the corresponding agreements. Student exchange program agreements create the structure for full-time UT Dallas students at a comparable international institution, while an equal number of students from the international institution enroll full-time at UT Dallas.

If approved, students can enroll at the Dallas UT for a long semester (fall or spring semester) and pay tuition at the Dallas UT. 3.4 Permissions required.