Western Economic Partnership Agreement

Finally, I would like to say that the projects funded under wePA are in line with the department`s priorities, that they have positive results at an early stage and that there is a constant need for funding for economic development. The department has the existing authorities to make similar investments for the future. Wepa as a decision model has some strengths and weaknesses. The department has some options as to the decision model it will choose to make its decisions on economic development projects in the future. Whichever model the department chooses, this report proposes some improvements. The creation of a reciprocal trade agreement puts the EU at the forefront of how to reconcile the ACP Group`s special status with the EU`s WTO commitments. The near-solution solution to this dilemma is an agreement that is reciprocal only in the way necessary to meet wto criteria. In reality, ACP countries will have some leeway and maintain limited protection of their key products. The extent to which trade should be liberalised under the new EPAs remains a highly controversial issue and it remains to be seen whether the WTO provisions governing regional trade agreements will be revised at the end of the Doha Round in favour of the EPA system. 2. In most provinces, THE WEPA decision-making process was seen as a success in promoting cooperation and strengthening the partnership between the federal state and the federal states.

While the structures of the agreements are largely identical in the four provinces, there are differences. In particular, there are differences in the agreements: under the agreements, the division allocated $25 million in funding to each of the western provinces through the Western Diversification Program Authority from 2008 to 2012. The funds have been made available by provincial governments and are intended to mobilize significant investments to stimulate the economy of the western provinces. The status of the existing budget as of March 31, 2011 is summarized in the table below. 7. The success of WEPA`s activities in achieving the desired results is attributed to cooperation and partnership between governments, the ability to use other funds, flexibility in project selection and the skills of program staff.