Single Case Agreement Mercy Care

In Arizona, behavioural health has been an advantage in the past, which has been managed separately by regional public health authorities (RBHAs). This structure may require up to four different health systems for a person with a severe mental illness (IMS) to receive health care: the OHCHCC Acute Health Plan for Physical Health Services; RBHAs for behavioural health services; Medicare for people with an SMI eligible for Medicaid and Medicare; and Medicare Part D for drugs. Today, Indian U.S. members have unique opportunities for providing Medicaid services. The American Indian Health Program (AIHP) is a fee for a service program provided through AHCCCS that is responsible for the integrated care of American Indian children and adult members who select AIHP and who have not been defined as SMI. Integrated care services include both physical and behavioural health services, including services related to an IRS condition. U.S. Indians who are not committed to IMS can register as follows: to address these issues, AHCCCS has worked with health behavioural partners to create a lighter system that reduces barriers to member care and also increases RBHA`s responsibility for managing the “comprehensive health” of people with IMS. To implement this new approach, RBHAs manage the provision of physical health services, in addition to behavioural medicine services, to increase members` commitment to obtaining medically necessary physical health services. Navigating the complex health care system is one of the main barriers to obtaining medically necessary health care. For Arizona with SMI, getting the necessary health care has been a challenge and has been made even more difficult by concerns about drug mismanagement and stigma, which has sometimes led many people to give up health care. As many people with MIS also have comorbidities, the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension has also been poor. To improve coordination of care and improve access to health care through THE CHSA, members determined to have a serious mental illness (IMS) who do not reside in Maricopa County will be included in a health plan starting October 1, 2015, which addresses both their physical and behavioural health needs.

These members are assigned to one of the Integrated Health Plans (RBHAs) listed below, depending on where they live. Letters have been sent to members whose registration for one of the integrated health plans is being amended to inform them of their new registration.