Tg Agreement

On October 15, 2015, the RAC submitted to the CIS/TC 45, in agreement with the consortium, a new proposal for a work plan containing a draft development of the new standard. The proposal was adopted by the CIS/TC 45 national committees. Terms of use of digital cable and Internet access equipment: we provide the customer with the necessary cable video equipment (for example. B GI DCT-2000) for use by the customer as part of this agreement and we can also provide devices for Internet access and services offered via the Internet. B such as a modem or multimedia terminal adapter (“MTA”). Unless purchased, all the equipment we have is and will remain the exclusive property of the Company. All devices are clearly identifiable and addressable. We may remotely disable them without notice or customer consent if necessary to prevent damage to our network or if the customer uses the devices in violation of the terms of this service agreement. In addition, with respect to this equipment, the customer agrees: 1) to use the equipment for the purpose of receiving services ordered by the Company and for no other purpose; 2) to prevent any connection to devices that are not expressly authorized by the company (any unauthorized connection or manipulation is considered illegal) and not to connect harmful devices to the company`s network or other network users; 3) To prevent any manipulation, modification or repair of business equipment by someone other than authorized personnel; 4) assume full responsibility for the use, damage or loss of such equipment, regardless of the cause; 5) To return the company`s equipment in good condition and in good condition (including accessories such as remote controls or cables) within five business days of the separation of the service and, failing that, pay the cost of the equipment (the customer`s credit card is billed accordingly, if it is deposited).

The client agrees that the “set-top box” should be valued at $300.00 and remotely at $10.00.