Vacation Rental Cleaning Agreement

You rental has been empty for some time and you need a touch cleaning before your customers register? – Bring KLEENERLY to take care of the accumulated dust and make sure your seat is ready to host 100%! (Hosts reserve this option even if they weren`t happy with their own cleaning agents or just want to add the extra keys to KLEENERLY signatures) Holiday apartments have many moving rooms, from ongoing cleaning to regular maintenance and renovation. If service providers and bookings are bound by the same global schedule, it`s easier for you to stay abreast of and go beyond everything. You are responsible for the payment throughout the rental period, as described in the deposit/payment plan. If you do not make payments at maturity, your booking and this holiday rental agreement will not be revoked: to make sure you don`t forget anything, property owners and managers should always tackle large cleaning tasks with a clear game plan in mind. Whether you have hard work yourself or have a team of professionals to help, it is important to structure each task and how you will perform it. It doesn`t matter to that amazing view you`ve advertised on your rental home if your guests can`t see it through dirty, scratchy windows. When working with contract cleaners, it is important that the contract cleaner is never interpreted as a collaborator. This means that the cleaner never wears the manager`s uniform, that the manager never dictates the cleaning products to be used, and that the manager never imposes the way the property is cleaned. The only thing the administrator can do is tell what the property should look like when the contractor completes the cleanup. Tenants understand that landlords are not responsible for personal damage caused by slips on sidewalks or steps.

Owners are not responsible for personal injury, personal injury or property damage caused directly or indirectly by adverse weather conditions, including acts of God or nature, accidents related to fire, heating, furnaces or unforeseen circumstances. Under no circumstances will tenants or their guests be held liable for damages or claims of any kind arising from their stay, except for intentional damages. This agreement and the disclaimer apply to tenants and all customers of the tenant party.