Cohabitation Agreement British Columbia

Concubine agreements should be considered a living document. They should be checked at regular intervals in order to keep them up to date and make sure they are still doing what they are supposed to do. Typically, a marriage or concubine agreement talks about how property and debt are managed during the relationship. Each type of agreement also talks about how property and debt are shared when the couple separates. Sometimes they also say if child support is paid when the relationship ends. Cohabitation can be encountered between two people who already live together or who are planning a cohabitation. Here too, you don`t need to enter into a concubine contract before or while you live together. Whatever you do, the main point is that it is important to regularly review the agreement to ensure that it continues to work for both parties and to ensure that it has not become significantly unfair. In some situations, an unmarried couple may become a spouse within the meaning of the Family Law Act if they have been in a conjugal relationship for two years, even if they do not live together all the time in the same house. In other situations, even after two years of cohabitation, an unmarried couple cannot become a spouse if they are not in a conjugal relationship.

If you are not sure if you are a spouse within the meaning of the Family Law Act, it is a good idea to get legal advice on this in order to decide if you need an agreement. .