Hot Tub Hire Agreement Template

13.11. The Customer shall also indemnify the Company for any loss that the Enterprise may suffer as a result of a change in an order for the supply of equipment or equipment services or the non-return of leased equipment to the Company`s premises at the end of the agreed rental period, with the exception of fair dealing or breach of these conditions by the Customer. If the air temperature drops to 4 degrees Celsius, all tenants must do so with a closed tent and separate pump heating. We decide before the rental if an event tent is necessary. You need to buy an event tent add-on if we do. You can cancel the reservation free of charge if you do not or cannot accept these conditions. We accept cash or card upon delivery of your spa rental price. A deposit is taken at the time of the agreement of a rental date that is not refundable but deducted from the entire rental fee, with a credit / debit card, a bank transfer (BACS) or PayPal. “Equipment”: all Jacuzzis, accessories and other rental equipment that the owner has accepted by the tenant for rental. During the rental period, the tenant must take out adequate insurance coverage for all devices and completely and totally exempt the owner from all claims in case of violation of persons or property caused by and in relation to all costs and expenses related to the law or customary law, except through negligence of the owner. .