Learning Agreement Chalmers

You`re a little hairy. You can also apply for an Erasmus scholarship, for more information, see the rider “Scholarships and travel grants”. If you go through Erasmus, you are entitled to a European scholarship. Once a complete and signed learning agreement has been put online on MoveOn, as well as the scholarship form and the start and finish form, the Erasmus scholarship can be awarded. 70% of the scholarship is paid only once and the remaining 30% is paid once the exchange is completed and the travel report received. Read here about the scholarship, course selection, study funding, apprenticeship agreement, visas and insurance. We advise you to read the following information carefully so that you can be aware of your rights and obligations related to the exchange. Project 1: Integration of machine learning techniques with genome-wide metabolic models to improve prediction. The aim is to implement machine learning techniques for the evaluation of enzyme properties that could continue to be used in genome-wide metabolic modes as additional constraints to improve model prediction. It may be possible to make changes later, but these must be brought into line with your program so that you can be sure that they fit into your curriculum. The learning agreement must be signed by both Chalmers and the Exchange University before starting the exchange period – the exchange university must approve and sign that you can take the courses indicated.

Learning Agreement should be uploaded to MoveOn. Chalmers students participating in an Erasmus exchange must agree on a Learning Agreement (LA). This document defines the courses you want to take during the exchange period.