Tenancy Agreement Pest Control

I have a problem with silverfish. Especially in the bathroom. Although I`m single and not the most spotless of boys, I keep the place relatively clean and use a cleaning service twice a month. From what I`ve read, silverfish are attracted to moisture, not food. Although they are not sick, they are harmful, and I want them to be gone. Is the owner responsible for pests that do not have health problems? Landlords are responsible if the rental unit is in their possession before moving in. Once you live there, you can be the cause of the pest problem, so most owners do not cover the costs of pest control. If the owner offers to cover the costs, I`d say it`s a good sign that they`re worried about the property. And that`s a good thing. Just read a few of these reviews to see what other landlords who don`t want to cover the fees, and you`ll see that you`re in the minority. Pests are a serious problem and are also a health problem. This means that you need to quickly resolve pest issues, or that you may be held responsible for more than the cost of destruction. Take pest control seriously and you`re less likely to ever face these problems! The severity of the infestation depends on how many you have seen and how much evidence/damage they leave.

But even if you only discovered a mouse and the only damage is a half-eaten digestive package, it is still considered an infestation and you probably need to fight parasites. What does your lease say about pest control? And at least I would continue to communicate with the owner, since you are both working to control the problem. They are called “parasites” for a good reason, they are not easy to eradicate. Regardless of how pest control issues are developed, it is important that they are thoroughly discussed before the lease is signed, so that both parties are clear about who is responsible for what. Ah the pleasures of renting horters and messy people, I feel your pain John. The quick answer is, yes, they would violate their lease if they were responsible for pest control.