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Eggplant Mapping Bangalore

These were created during a short course I am teaching on food culture and technology:

Brinjal (Eggplant) Cooking Contest

Brinjaal 4-Way is a cooking contest to be held at Jaaga to see who can come up with the recipe that uses four varieties of Brinjaal. This event is a celebration of India’s crop diversity. We have put out a public challenge for someone in Bangalore to come up with the best recipe possible that […]

AR TEXTILES Digital Preservation of Indian Craft?

ABSTRACT: How can we bring the stories, myths and pattern languages of Indian Textiles to life for the digital natives of 21st century? Can adapting machine vision algorithms and Augmented Reality libraries be used to animate either historical artifacts or to create new textiles processes and forms based on historical content? PROOF OF CONCEPT: Using […]

Three Year FeedForward

I recently ran into Marko Ahtisaari at a wedding in New Delhi. He was asking me and a few friends to engage in some arm chair futurism asking: “What will we know / not know in 3 years time in your field of interest.” Seeing as I am currently employed at an Art Lab and […]

MJ / Tamil Mashup & Green Building Class

My friend Jackson is helping build a bamboo garden on my deck with students from his green building class. One of the students, Raja C. came early today and we started jamming with Synth & Harmonium and talking about music. He showed me a music video he had on his phone and bluetoothed me a […]

Animation of Bangalore Urban Sprawl 1950 – 2003

Urbanized Area in color. Source: Bangalore Development Authority. “Bangalore Master Plan 2015. Volume 1: Vision Document”, pg. 12. 2007.

Is This the Future of Modeling Complex Systems?

This experiment gives a whole new meaning to “Bio-Computing.” Talented and dedicated engineers spent countless hours designing Japan’s rail system to be one of the world’s most efficient. Could have just asked a slime mold. When presented with oat flakes arranged in the pattern of Japanese cities around Tokyo, brainless, single-celled slime molds construct networks […]

Ring Roads as Beasts to Be Conquered

This week I am doing some research on transportation and pedestrian issues in Bangalore. I was reminded of this excellent information diagram created by ThumbProjects last year. (Bangalore is the Dark Purple shape in the center). (Click for larger version) In my head Bangalore’s ring road is unfathomably large, like some massive underwater giant squid […]

How To Get To Work?

Today was my first day of work at CSTEP. The entrance to CSTEP is located right before Infrantry Road goes into one way mode. I have been to the building a handful of times before. In previous journeys I have walked, taken an auto and gotten dropped off by Taxi on previous visits. Even though […]


PANOPTICONCENTRATE (gifeconomizing) by This Owl Pictures taken with iPhone during the live performance of A Lexiconspiracy by Weird-Fiction at the Tractor Gallery in Portland Oregon on Dec 18, 2009. The images consists of series of crowd-sourced animated GIF files on projector screens and other ficto-quizzicisms. 378 images on an iPhone at approximately 2 to 4 […]