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plugfinder Identity System

Modeling Modernism Part II

I made a slightly more involved model which describes the rise of modernism a little better. In this case the shade of the agent stands for a painters treatment of the picture plane: the darker the agent the more naturalistic the painting, the lighter the agent the more flattened the picture plane and the more […]

ABM of Modernism

Okay, so I have spent a lot of time thinking about the implications of the Axelrod Cultural Dissemination Model, particulalry the tendency towards monoculture when the forces of globalization are put into effect. However, built in to the dynamics of that model is a reward for agents being similar to their neighbor. I was interested […]

Cottage Industrial Ecology

I saw a very interesting thesis proposal today that went a little something like (“changing the world one gift at a time”) + (“Welcome to eMachineShop – where you can instantly design, price and order your custom parts online!”) = some sort of rapid prototyping make magazine mash-up. While thats all a mouthful, […]

Information Huckster Gold Rush

Has anyone done a comparative history of Nigerian 419 scams and the ’49er gold rush in the U.S.? If not, they should.

Urban Outfitters Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is marketing that spurs social communication about a company, product, or service. SEO stands for search engine optimizing. Viral SEO is when the communication is optimized for search engines, read this article. VIRAL Once the target audience has been identified, then a skilled Internet marketing team can get the ball rolling for some […]

Electricity as a Demand Responsive Service

Would make it easy to do impromptu DJ sets anywhere.

Purposefull purposelessness

Exploring the streets for open electricity outlets.


Still working what exactly this means but I feel it happening. Could be that the you-tubing of society is just the spectacle and more so, but there is something about the long tail of the this spectacle that makes it lovable and possibly liberating. Is it possible that with everyone acting for the cameras that […]

Sketch for Copyrighted Color Wiki

A sketch for a color copyright wiki can be found here.