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I just found an old CD with these images form August 2005: the EARTHWuRMs make a big box fort and rock out: (photos by AnnA Perricci)

Rattling Wall Collective

For AASwarMArt’s closing night, the rattling wall collective dropped in and performed two 1-hour improvised noise sets.

John Cage Hardware Store

Buublegone vs. Verzerren did an improvised set of live sculpture and A/V performance. After the set was complete the live sculptures were put on display in the gallery.

Dinner with Ann Arbor City Council Woman Jean Carlberg

Tonight CityCouncilWoman Jean Carlsberg, (purple blouse on the right) joined the AASwarMArt crew for a dinner and discussion. The menu included Sticky Sweet Coconut Rice, Summer Salad (tomato, onion, cucumbers, and rice vinegar), hand rolled Vietnamese Spring Rolls (mint, apple, pepper, bean thread noodles), and the best soup that has been made at WORK so […]

Take a Politician for a Walk

I worked on the piece Take A Politician for A Walk, with the goal of explaining my views on cultural capital to an elected politician. I held a party for city councilwoman Jean Carlberg in an art gallery in downtown Ann Arbor. I served food, and citizens were invited into the art gallery to eat […]

PBL Solaris mix

Potter Belmar presented one of their new mixes: A feature length remix of Solaris. The show was called Tent of Thee Summer Solstice, because they set up and performed inside of the Media tent in the gallery. This nomadic media center has traveled and disseminated information all around Europe, and has stopped in our Mart. […]


On Wednesday night AASwarMArt: Culture Shoppe of the Future hosted THE every COUNTRY CLUB and an around-the-world buffet. THE every COUNTRY CLUB is a fledgling organization that exists so that its members can learn the location and capital of every country in the world. “Every country?” you ask? Yup. “Even Malawi?” Especially Malawi. Whose capital […]

Detroit Artifacts

The objects on display were rescued from the Detroit Artillery Armory on 8 Mile Road, the (in)famous border between Detroit and its northern suburbs. The building first served as a machine gun factory during World War II. After thewar, the federal government turned the property over to the Michigan National Guard. The troops trained there […]

Empty store front video games

We have a lot of free time after winning the 666 casino jackpot. So we came up with some social experiment. Yesterday we set up a video game in the window of the empty store front. I would guess that at least 100 people played pac man through out the day. There were little kids, […]

Panopticonfidence / Obliterati

A lot has changed since the advent of the WWW and the radical increase in the surveillance society via electronic means. On Tuesday June 14th I will be writing a lecture LIVE titled Panopticonfidence and the Obliterati: Getting Lost and Found in the Googl(E)ra. Pop your head by and check it out! (Note: These remixed […]