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BioRegions Bleed Borders

A sketch for a series of prints that show different countries and the ecoregions which bleed across politically created borders.

American Camo: Level 3 EcoRegions

The Long Tail of Truth

Long Tail Power Law Truthiness

Panopticonfidence: Performing For / Against the Camera

Panopticon Sousveillance No google hits for “Sousveillance Cinema” yet. Panopticonfidence (here, here and here).

Satellites Are Culture Sperm

Maybe “Culture Sperm” is just a crude way of describing “Temes“. (Self replicating technologies, that have variability which face a selection mechanism). If I understand Susan Blackmore correctly, she posits that Temes are self-replicating technology that use humans: “the genes with the memes” as hosts. Fair enough. Satellites, are for the moment only metaphorical ‘temes’. […]

Not Enough Eyeballs On The Planet

Attention Economy Controlling Information Pollution Property Right in Attention anyone? If television delivers people what does YouTube deliver?