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BioRegions Bleed Borders

A sketch for a series of prints that show different countries and the ecoregions which bleed across politically created borders.

American Camo: Level 3 EcoRegions

The Slowest Advertising

An email I got this week: From: Subject: surprise in Paramaribo, Suriname…. Date: December 3, 2008 6:12:43 PM GMT+05:30 To: Dear Zack, being in Surinam I was intrigued by the beautiful funny hilarious advertisements painted on walls all over town. I decided to look up a webadress in one of them, i send […]

Action Figure Self Portrait: Bangalore Edition

1. Print out this design on stiff A3 or 11 x 17 paper. 2. Cut out the template along the bold lines. 3. Cut into the template along the dotted lines. 4. Fold the model and put glue on the grey areas and fold them inside the figure. 5. Attach the arms and ears to […] sketch

Panopticonfidence / Obliterati

A lot has changed since the advent of the WWW and the radical increase in the surveillance society via electronic means. On Tuesday June 14th I will be writing a lecture LIVE titled Panopticonfidence and the Obliterati: Getting Lost and Found in the Googl(E)ra. Pop your head by and check it out! (Note: These remixed […]