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Atoms for Bits

I am currently conducting at the CEMA called Envirocasting which is about making connections between the information environment and the natural environment. One idea we have been exploring is the possibility of creating a form of currency that allows people to trade the maintenance of the environment for information that they want. One model of […]


(from the upcoming issue of SPRAWL zine. All collages by the Ann Arbor Dinner Party Syndicate (A2DPS)). BETA: Zeta, why are you always so depressed? ZETA: Well, there is a lot of joy in my life, but you are correct that I am very worried about the state of the world. I am afraid that […]

No-Tech Ambient Information Environments

Do you want an always-on ambient information environment so you can know what all your friends and peers are up to? Forget twitter or dodgeball: simply open up your window. After moving into my apartment in Bangalore last night I awoke to some amazing sounds. Right outside my window I could hear a few bird […]

HeadCrash: Lose Your Place

I have been looking at the Headmap Manifesto (.pdf) again. I First saw it in the fall of 2004. It inspired me to write the Blue Puddle Manifesto and to pursue many of the ideas I have incorporated into my Masters thesis. As I went to revisit the text in the last week I noticed […]

My Information Drive

My information drive has been changing rapidly in the last five years, and continues to evolve. In high school I stopped watching television, and started listening exclusively to NPR and music. And the music I listened to got quieter and quieter over the years (as is to be expected)[1]. Now I don’t even listen to […]

Art & Economics

In the 21st century Artists will finally get paid. Someone is going to have to foot the bill for creativity, because in the information economy, creative content is a nation state’s most important natural resource. “The wealth creation in an economy of ideas is dependent on the capacity of a nation to continually create content […]