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Ring Roads as Beasts to Be Conquered

This week I am doing some research on transportation and pedestrian issues in Bangalore. I was reminded of this excellent information diagram created by ThumbProjects last year. (Bangalore is the Dark Purple shape in the center). (Click for larger version) In my head Bangalore’s ring road is unfathomably large, like some massive underwater giant squid […]

Know Your EcoRegion

Level I Level III Portland, OR. Level I: Marine West Coast Forest Leval II: Marine West Coast Forest Level III Willamette Valley Level IV: Portland Basin I have recently become obsessed with looking at and creating maps of ecoregions. I would need to get high resolution satellite images to make this tast easier for me. […]

EgoSurfing Leads to Self Discovery

I was egosurfing the other day, and ran into an interesting link three or four pages in. It appears that someone is doing a plugfinder-like project over at the Canadian Centre for Architecture‘s Tools for Action Show. In the comments section someone gave a shout out to the plugfinder project, which is currently defunct. Luckily, […]

BioRegions Bleed Borders

A sketch for a series of prints that show different countries and the ecoregions which bleed across politically created borders.

American Camo: Level 3 EcoRegions

Urban Typhoon Outcome

Click on any of the thumbnails to get a larger jpg. Download the whole report in .pdf form here. Group Members: DCOOP (Quaid Doongerwala, ShilpaRanade, Sanjay Chikermane) Luke W. Perry Victoria Zackery C. Denfeld Bhakti

Urban Typhoon: Dharavi

This week Prayas and I are representing CEMA at Urban Typhoon. There should be some interesting things to report in a few days. Until then the website about Dharavi the: “Largest Slum in Asia” can be found here.

Precision Parade

If you are lost you can point your LOCATION AWARE device at the sky. You only need to find THREE Satellites to KNOW YOUR PLACE. Using satellites makes it very easy to GET PEOPLE TO MOVE. Satellite technology means many people can be QUICKLY DIRECTED FROM HERE TO THERE. Coordination of the flow of masses […]

Clash of Standardizations

In the age of information Wars do video standards draw the fault lines of conflict? This is probably old news with all of the new formats and the convergence on the computer screen. But I was interested to see that North Korea uses PAL for domestic broadcast and runs a propaganda station in NTSC aimed […]

Artists vs. Spooks (Who is Darker?)

ARTISTS: In 2005 some artists made a site where you could bet on where the next ‘”terrorist” attack’ would be. They wrote: Are you sick of betting only on Nasdaq, on the price of oil, or on football games? How about on where the next terrorist attack is gonna take place? Here is their map: […]