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We’re all squatters now. Every human is out of place on the surface of the earth. This planet wants us off and we want to go. OUT OF PLACE: IN OUR BODY | IN OUR COUNTRY | ON THE PLANET Out of place in our body: We are post-humans, viewing our wet sausage shells from […]

Art Needs Cashfolks

1. Cashfolks is about art and economics. Today art is free and art is everywhere, just like the damn artists have wanted it all along. Now we have all got a find a way to get paid. 2. Creating a false scarcity of infinitely reproducible digital texts is so stupid. Instead,we should view all art […]

Spiritual Machines

Churches are one of the few quite quiet spaces left. Churches are no longer quiet spaces at all. Even the church is online. The candles are humming with electricity. Now that all of our minds are hooked up, our brains are running out of time. Pretty soon humans are going to be entirely inadequate in […]