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Day 1 At Drishya

For the next two weeks I am spending my days working at a school in an informal settlement in Bangalore called Drishya Kalika Kendra. My collaborators are Jay Silver from MIT Media Lab and Uday from Drishya school. Over the two weeks we are teaching 14 young people (12-16) to tell stories through maps, animations […]


A little Processing Sketch that makes faces.

Modeling Modernism Part II

I made a slightly more involved model which describes the rise of modernism a little better. In this case the shade of the agent stands for a painters treatment of the picture plane: the darker the agent the more naturalistic the painting, the lighter the agent the more flattened the picture plane and the more […]

THE FRANCISBACONIZER: Axelrod Cultural Dissemination Model applied to .jpgs

whew… finally finished this code. I will try to extend the program so that you can upload an image and run it on the fly, or tack on a Google image search function. click here for the Processing applet.

The Color Wars & All Oranges That are Not Taken

Orange and easyMobile will face each other in the courts this year to settle their spat over colour. The pair are getting litigious over the use of the colour orange – Orange alleges easyMobile’s orange-flavoured branding will provoke confusion in the market. EasyGroup, however, has been using the colour since its inception and easyMobile says […]

A Corporation is Not a Tree (yet).

I ended up putting this piece in the show: (Click for enlargement).

Flesh Eating Micro-Organisms and You

A sektch from my installation at the upcoming show ‘Nature RePerceived’. Note: Click on it to restart. It looks better when it runs faster.