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Day 5: Computing EN PLEIN AIR and IN SITU

On day 5 we had a lot of fun taking the animations and displaying them in-situ, and sharing the students’ work with some of their parents. Taking animations and interactive sketches into the field feels much more full and contextual than just keeping them in the white / black cube where they are produced. With […]

DAY 4: Massing with Bodies and Computers, Framing Computer Animation

Day 4 continued the two tracks in our group with one group measuring and drawing the whole building with our bodies and using accurate (and somewhat precise) measurements in SKETCHUP. The other group added interactivity to their SCRATCH animations and made more hand-made paper frames for their Netbooks.

Day 3: Computer as Craft Material

n the morning we asked students to take the props and characters and story-lines they had developed yesterday and enact a play on the map. These plays traced some very sophisticated resource and energy flows. To extend the mapping of flows that emerged from the plays we did some more elaborate and complex network diagrams […]

Day 2: Performing Network Flows

Every morning starts with the creating of a Mandala by the students and yoga session. Both activities require concentration and promote relaxation, which I think one of the reasons the students are so focused and ready to learn as the class starts. Today’s mandala was especially beautiful. Day 2 things really started to take off […]

Day 1 At Drishya

For the next two weeks I am spending my days working at a school in an informal settlement in Bangalore called Drishya Kalika Kendra. My collaborators are Jay Silver from MIT Media Lab and Uday from Drishya school. Over the two weeks we are teaching 14 young people (12-16) to tell stories through maps, animations […]

Look out Bollywood Starlets!

I finally fulfilled my dream of being the fat guy with a mustache surrounded by girls in a Bollywood dance sequence.: If you like my moves and need a paunchy white guy for a dance sequence, I may be available. I will have to talk to my agents. (Thanks to the Srishti dance group who […]

Back from Kutch.

Bangalore Mobility

I am currently co-teaching a class during Srishti‘s interim semester with Poonam Bir Kasturi of Daily Dump fame. The first thing we did as a class was a quick and dirty user research report about mobility in Bangalore. I am very proud of the work the students did in the very short time they had, […]

Bangalore is the New Brooklyn!

A T-Shirt some of my students made in a class I taught last week called “Copying is Cool” See the Blog of the same name (by g.harp and zcd) at:

Nokia Opens Design Studio at Srishti

From the Hindu BANGALORE: Mobile handset major Nokia on Wednesday announced the launch of its first satellite design studio at Bangalore’s Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. The studio, the company’s first anywhere in the world, will explore a range of design trends and themes, including detailed research into colour and material trends in […]