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Mojo Plantation

On 26|09|2011 Cat wrote: (I was there too) I just got back from a 4 day trip to the rainforest in Coorg with 4 of the Bangalore igem students. We stayed at the Mojo Plantation – a beautiful place run by two molecular biologists + experimental organic farmers; Sujata and Anurag Goel. Just off the […]

Talk at DIY Citizenship

This talk was part of DIY Citizenship: Critical Making a conference at the University of Toronto DIY Citizenship Critical Making: Genomic Gastronomy Lecture from genomic gastronomy on Vimeo.

Learning from Bangalore: Urban Informatics at Street Level

How To Eat a GMO @ Ignite Portland 9

We need to stop calling the people who don’t give us data, scientists. They are just BioHackers like me and you.

Lecture @ CSTEP

“”Genomic Gastronomy: Food Systems, Security & Policy” at (CSTEP) Center for the Study of Science Technology & Policy in Bangalore, India. Lecture at CSTEP in Bangalore, India from genomic gastronomy on Vimeo. This talk gave a broad overview of international issues and policies in agriculture and food security, and showcased three research projects that explore […]

Indian States Are Massive

Some Maps I made in the last few days: When comparing economic and social data we generally compare like political types: we compare Brazil to China or Texas and California, or even Shanghai and Lagos. (See 19.20.21 for an example of interesting comparisons of megacities). However, in the case of such a populous nation such […]

Ambient Commons

I hate to post to a blog with just one link, when I can twitter it and you can choose, but today, at the Think Tank where I am employed I was trying to tease out what we mean by “infrastructure.” I found myself returning to the writing of Malcolm McCullough, my mentor in grad […]

Final Talk at Interactivos? ’10

During the Q&A session of the talk curator Lucas Evers of the Waag Society asked me about genetically engineered Rennet which I had never heard of. Here is the wikipedia post with more information about GE Rennet.

Images from the Brinjal Cooking Contest

Bangalore DNA coverage of Brinjaal 4-Way

((The DNA Newspaper doesn’t easily allow links to its articles so I have republished it here)) Students let brinjal dishes do the talking They spoke of the crop’s diversity instead of posturing on bt debate Malavika Velayanikal. Bangalore How often is the brinjal celebrated? Probably, a few times since the bt brinjal started threatening to […]