Plug Finder

MFA thesis project for the University of Michigan’s School of Art & Design. was a web based social network for locating and using outdoor electrical outlets in American cities. Mad props to Vinh! & Scott & many others who helped make this happen.

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“Who will power the people’s ambient information environment?”

plugfindercatalog3a.jpg  plugfindercatalog1.jpg  309870682_eadb12f8d5.jpg  309870675_4c10caa0fd.jpg  309870679_aababa03dd.jpg  462912298_e620888e45.jpg  462912284_71453e4362.jpg  462912286_4086d48717.jpg  462912290_b6efe38d80.jpg  462919269_96e10556f3.jpg  462919279_e73e8f0fc4.jpg  462919285_d566df462b.jpg  462919297_a521ff075c.jpg

“Information wants to be free, but not without electricity.”

arrows.jpg  mobile.jpg  gasstationoutlet.jpg  chargecartemedium.jpg