Space Art Conference

In 2007 I helped organize and presented at the Bangalore Space and Culture Symposium which was held at NIAS, the National Institute for Advanced Study.

I presented a lecture on Design Ecology & Deep Information Ecology with Gabe Harp. Gabe’s summed up many of these ideas in the essay “Design Ecology” (.pdf).

Some of the stand out presenters / conversations / ideas included:

Usman Haque
Marko Peljhan on his Makro Lab project
Roger Malina on the future of Art & Space Science.
Joanna Griffin on Satellite Investigations
Ashok Sukumaran on Note from Down Below

Conference Attendees

The after party for the symposium was held on the roof of the CEMA building. VJing provided by Burnt Jam & Toast, a VJ crew of Srishti undergraduates that I had the pleasure of working with.

In some dusty box at the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology (my employer at the time) sit DV tapes full of all of the talks. Hopefully they will be digitized some day.