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The Slowest Advertising

An email I got this week: From: xxxxxx@xxxxx.com Subject: surprise in Paramaribo, Suriname…. Date: December 3, 2008 6:12:43 PM GMT+05:30 To: zackery@gmail.com Dear Zack, being in Surinam I was intrigued by the beautiful funny hilarious advertisements painted on walls all over town. I decided to look up a webadress in one of them, i send […]

Surisigns: Hand Painted Signage in Suriname

Paramaribo, Suriname can often feel like the city that globalization forgot. Although four major ethnicities and religious groups live in relative harmony, the influence of transnational corporations, particularly U.S. companies, is much less than in other developing countries. However, an interesting intersection of local tradition and burgeoning international commerce is the world of handpainted advertisements […]

Suriname Media Review: Buses

In Suriname the buses are owned by the drivers, but follow routes that seem to be collectively determined. The buses here are somewhere between private taxis and public transportation, but only leave the “bus station” when they are totally full, meaning there are not specific schedules. My graduate counterpart in Suriname, Patrick, told me that […]