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Material Intelligence and How Buildings Learn

Today I saw Santiago Pérez speak at the University of Oregon’s Portland Campus, giving a lecture called Material Intelligence. (His srpLAB can be found here and microliving here.) He showed examples of work by him and his students and told us about his explorations with traditional materials and contemporary production processes. Much of the work […]


I just found an old CD with these images form August 2005: the EARTHWuRMs make a big box fort and rock out: (photos by AnnA Perricci)

Koliwada Incremental Housing Animation

Urban Typhoon Outcome

Click on any of the thumbnails to get a larger jpg. Download the whole report in .pdf form here. Group Members: DCOOP (Quaid Doongerwala, ShilpaRanade, Sanjay Chikermane) Luke W. Perry Victoria Zackery C. Denfeld Bhakti

Bio Architecture

Our team of artists will help you prepare for the revolution in green architecture. We closely examine natural systems to provide solutions for architectural and urban planning needs. Our “Franken-Futuradesign” package includes data collection, and 2, 3, & 4-D models that puts your firm far ahead of the game in the green architecture revolution. The […]