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If You’re Not Engaged in History you’re not Engaged

This is an article by Peter Fend that I found on Mediamatic. I have added a bunch of links to make this a more interactive (Not)ArtHistory lesson. If You’re Not Engaged in History you’re not EngagedQuestions and Remarks concerning the Present and the Future My career began in 1977 when John Gibson, then famous for […]

Art Needs Cashfolks

1. Cashfolks is about art and economics. Today art is free and art is everywhere, just like the damn artists have wanted it all along. Now we have all got a find a way to get paid. 2. Creating a false scarcity of infinitely reproducible digital texts is so stupid. Instead,we should view all art […]

Art & Economics

In the 21st century Artists will finally get paid. Someone is going to have to foot the bill for creativity, because in the information economy, creative content is a nation state’s most important natural resource. “The wealth creation in an economy of ideas is dependent on the capacity of a nation to continually create content […]