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Ritualized Killing

At the conclusion of the BioArts Workshop the participants were required to ‘dispose of’ or ‘kill’ the organisms that were created as part of the lab. Scientists have very clear protocols of how and why to do this in order to ensure health and safety. The social and cultural norms of this practice are less […]

Biotechnology Vs. Immunology

We are halfway through the BioArts MasterClass with Symbiotica. Wanted to give a quick update of what we have been working on. Yesterday we had the opportunity to take and plate two swabs from the environment. I wanted to see if people reading Nature: Immunology or Nature: Biotechnology had transferred more bacteria to the pages […]

Sketch for Patent Map of the Human Genome

by Zack Denfeld and Gabe Harp.

Bio Architecture

Our team of artists will help you prepare for the revolution in green architecture. We closely examine natural systems to provide solutions for architectural and urban planning needs. Our “Franken-Futuradesign” package includes data collection, and 2, 3, & 4-D models that puts your firm far ahead of the game in the green architecture revolution. The […]