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In The Nature of the Experiment

IN THE NATURE OF THE EXPERIMENT from srishti on Vimeo. This is a short (10 minute) documentary that captures the spirit of the CEMA lab at Srishti with one school year under our belt. Thanks to Ayisha, Ulrike and Smriti for their hard work on it.

Ritualized Killing

At the conclusion of the BioArts Workshop the participants were required to ‘dispose of’ or ‘kill’ the organisms that were created as part of the lab. Scientists have very clear protocols of how and why to do this in order to ensure health and safety. The social and cultural norms of this practice are less […]

Biotechnology Vs. Immunology

We are halfway through the BioArts MasterClass with Symbiotica. Wanted to give a quick update of what we have been working on. Yesterday we had the opportunity to take and plate two swabs from the environment. I wanted to see if people reading Nature: Immunology or Nature: Biotechnology had transferred more bacteria to the pages […]

Ice Cream // Fruit Dosa:

I make a cameo in this Video. Gabe writes: “The dosa is a very common dish in southern India. It is especially eaten for breakfast with a range of savory fillings, from potatoes masala to onion or coconut. When I suggested that fruit would be a good substitute, my idea was met with skepticism and […]

CEMA rework

Working on the new CEMA thing happening here. (Image from gharps flickr stream)