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Used In The World

I have started a new Photo Blog called Used In The World. The images were collected from 7 Emerging Economies during the research portion of the emerging economy report. (I did the Brazil Field Research for the Report back in November 2007. I will post a new images of adaptive reuse, street hacks, and grey […]

It is Coming….

After a year and a half of work, the Emerging Economy Report will hit the world for Pre-Orders on Feb. 15. Will it change the way we do business and make lighter, inclusive and more dynamic economies? That’s the hope.

Pecha Kucha

Okay…so even thought it totally poured the second I grabbed the Mic, the Pecha Kucha: Systems Alive! event was great. Thanks to everyone who braved the downpour and for all the great speakers. Thanks for CKS for hosting and Burnt Jam and Toast for VJing. Speakers: Abhas Abhinav Alan Manley Chitra Vishwanath Gabriel Harp Prayas […]

CKS CultureShop

Meeting and Party at CKS house.