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Know Your EcoRegion

Level I Level III Portland, OR. Level I: Marine West Coast Forest Leval II: Marine West Coast Forest Level III Willamette Valley Level IV: Portland Basin I have recently become obsessed with looking at and creating maps of ecoregions. I would need to get high resolution satellite images to make this tast easier for me. […]

Satellites Are Culture Sperm

Maybe “Culture Sperm” is just a crude way of describing “Temes“. (Self replicating technologies, that have variability which face a selection mechanism). If I understand Susan Blackmore correctly, she posits that Temes are self-replicating technology that use humans: “the genes with the memes” as hosts. Fair enough. Satellites, are for the moment only metaphorical ‘temes’. […]


We’re all squatters now. Every human is out of place on the surface of the earth. This planet wants us off and we want to go. OUT OF PLACE: IN OUR BODY | IN OUR COUNTRY | ON THE PLANET Out of place in our body: We are post-humans, viewing our wet sausage shells from […]

24 New Species and Po$$ibly Gold

Carrie Morris sent me this news from Suriname: Scientists Find 24 Species in Suriname (NYTimes). ‘The expedition was sponsored by two mining companies hoping to excavate the area for bauxite.‘ The study was financed by Suralco and BHP‘s Billiton Maatschappij Suriname subsidiary. The new species of Frog, Atelopus ebenoides marinkellei. I found the New York […]