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PDX Soup Night

Check out pdxsoupnight.com Soup Nights are gatherings of people who want to eat and socialize. Meet new people, talk, watch movies, performances, listen to music or play games. Eat soup. Be happy. Soup is provided by the host and should reflect current or cultural themes. Feel free to bring bread, wine, beer, cookies, or other […]

NYC Pizza Expert

From 2001 – 2005 I was in a rock and roll band called Hijack Jupiter with Scott Wiener. (He now has a really amazing indie rock band called the Bikini Carwash Company. BCC for those in the know.) Scott’s the one on far left. Eating well while touring in a big white van named “Sprinkles” […]

Ice Cream // Fruit Dosa:

I make a cameo in this Video. Gabe writes: “The dosa is a very common dish in southern India. It is especially eaten for breakfast with a range of savory fillings, from potatoes masala to onion or coconut. When I suggested that fruit would be a good substitute, my idea was met with skepticism and […]

Dinner with Ann Arbor City Council Woman Jean Carlberg

Tonight CityCouncilWoman Jean Carlsberg, (purple blouse on the right) joined the AASwarMArt crew for a dinner and discussion. The menu included Sticky Sweet Coconut Rice, Summer Salad (tomato, onion, cucumbers, and rice vinegar), hand rolled Vietnamese Spring Rolls (mint, apple, pepper, bean thread noodles), and the best soup that has been made at WORK so […]


On Wednesday night AASwarMArt: Culture Shoppe of the Future hosted THE every COUNTRY CLUB and an around-the-world buffet. THE every COUNTRY CLUB is a fledgling organization that exists so that its members can learn the location and capital of every country in the world. “Every country?” you ask? Yup. “Even Malawi?” Especially Malawi. Whose capital […]