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Know Your EcoRegion

Level I Level III Portland, OR. Level I: Marine West Coast Forest Leval II: Marine West Coast Forest Level III Willamette Valley Level IV: Portland Basin I have recently become obsessed with looking at and creating maps of ecoregions. I would need to get high resolution satellite images to make this tast easier for me. […]

BioRegions Bleed Borders

A sketch for a series of prints that show different countries and the ecoregions which bleed across politically created borders.

American Camo: Level 3 EcoRegions

NYC Pizza Expert

From 2001 – 2005 I was in a rock and roll band called Hijack Jupiter with Scott Wiener. (He now has a really amazing indie rock band called the Bikini Carwash Company. BCC for those in the know.) Scott’s the one on far left. Eating well while touring in a big white van named “Sprinkles” […]

Urban Typhoon Outcome

Click on any of the thumbnails to get a larger jpg. Download the whole report in .pdf form here. Group Members: DCOOP (Quaid Doongerwala, ShilpaRanade, Sanjay Chikermane) Luke W. Perry Victoria Zackery C. Denfeld Bhakti

Urban Typhoon: Dharavi

This week Prayas and I are representing CEMA at Urban Typhoon. There should be some interesting things to report in a few days. Until then the website about Dharavi the: “Largest Slum in Asia” can be found here.

Bangalore Mobility

I am currently co-teaching a class during Srishti‘s interim semester with Poonam Bir Kasturi of Daily Dump fame. The first thing we did as a class was a quick and dirty user research report about mobility in Bangalore. I am very proud of the work the students did in the very short time they had, […]

Precision Parade

If you are lost you can point your LOCATION AWARE device at the sky. You only need to find THREE Satellites to KNOW YOUR PLACE. Using satellites makes it very easy to GET PEOPLE TO MOVE. Satellite technology means many people can be QUICKLY DIRECTED FROM HERE TO THERE. Coordination of the flow of masses […]

Mystery is Involving, Information Abundance is Alienating

Today I ate dinner at Julie’s House. She called me up at 4:30 PM and I walked over to her place. On the way to Julie’s house I saw a barber shop, and thought about stopping in, but I was hungry, so I hurried to Julie’s place. The barber shop is the only distinct memory […]


(from the upcoming issue of SPRAWL zine. All collages by the Ann Arbor Dinner Party Syndicate (A2DPS)). BETA: Zeta, why are you always so depressed? ZETA: Well, there is a lot of joy in my life, but you are correct that I am very worried about the state of the world. I am afraid that […]