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24 New Species and Po$$ibly Gold

Carrie Morris sent me this news from Suriname: Scientists Find 24 Species in Suriname (NYTimes). ‘The expedition was sponsored by two mining companies hoping to excavate the area for bauxite.‘ The study was financed by Suralco and BHP‘s Billiton Maatschappij Suriname subsidiary. The new species of Frog, Atelopus ebenoides marinkellei. I found the New York […]

HeadCrash: Lose Your Place

I have been looking at the Headmap Manifesto (.pdf) again. I First saw it in the fall of 2004. It inspired me to write the Blue Puddle Manifesto and to pursue many of the ideas I have incorporated into my Masters thesis. As I went to revisit the text in the last week I noticed […]

Photos from the first plugfinder.com guided walking tour

Thank you very much to all of the artists who particpated: Melanie Manos Adrianne Finelli Nick Tobier Adrienne Vetter Forest Bright and Charles Fairbanks. Thanks also to Brad Smith and Colleen Cox for helping to document. (All images except the front of the car were taken by Brad Smith. Car pic from Adrienne Vetter. Thank […]

Take a Politician for a Walk

I worked on the piece Take A Politician for A Walk, with the goal of explaining my views on cultural capital to an elected politician. I held a party for city councilwoman Jean Carlberg in an art gallery in downtown Ann Arbor. I served food, and citizens were invited into the art gallery to eat […]


On Wednesday night AASwarMArt: Culture Shoppe of the Future hosted THE every COUNTRY CLUB and an around-the-world buffet. THE every COUNTRY CLUB is a fledgling organization that exists so that its members can learn the location and capital of every country in the world. “Every country?” you ask? Yup. “Even Malawi?” Especially Malawi. Whose capital […]